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National Center for Bicycling & Walking Now a Program of PPS

May 23, 2011
Dec 14, 2017
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The National Center for Bicycling & Walking (NCBW) and Project for Public Spaces are pleased to announce a working alliance in pursuit of the idea of building place through transportation. This alliance positions both organizations to take on new opportunities, while strengthening and adding depth to the existing programs of each partner.

Beginning on June 1, 2011, NCBW will become a resident program at PPS; both organizations will collaborate to produce the 2012 Pro Walk /Pro Bike® Conference (PWPB).

The Pro Walk/Pro Bike® conference will be coordinated by NBCW and will draw upon the staff resources of PPS to ensure the conference remains a segment leader for program excellence and value.  Check out the executive summary and full report from the 2010 Conference in Chattanooga, TN. Working together, PPS and NCBW will take PWPB® to the next level, reaching many more people and significantly increasing its impact.

The National Center for Bicycling & Walking is a major program of the Bicycle Federation of America, Inc., a national, nonprofit [501(c)(3)] corporation established in 1977. Its mission is to create bicycle-friendly and walkable communities by influencing the way communities are planned, designed, and managed at the local level.

Since 1975, PPS's pioneering Placemaking approach has helped citizens transform their public spaces into vital places that highlight local assets, spur rejuvenation and serve common needs. This focus on place has always included an emphasis on creating communities that nurture bicycling and walking. PPS has long been a close partner of NCBW and as the programs of both organizations evolved, they have naturally drawn closer together. This new alliance is the logical next step of that long-standing working relationship.

Fred Kent, President of PPS, has always said: “when we think about shaping our communities around place, we do everything differently.” The National Center for Bicycling & Walking has always framed its bicycle and pedestrian mission around that larger concept of community. Sharon Roerty, Executive Director of NCBW added, “for decades our respective organizations have operated in parallel, each seeking to improve the places and connections between where we live, work and play; the timing is right to combine our resources, energies, and expertise in pursuit of this common goal.”

To learn more about NCBW, subscribe to Centerlines, the bi-weekly email roundup with news from NCBW that you can use to create more walkable and bicycle-friendly communities.

If you have any questions about NCBW as a program of PPS, feel free to contact Gary Toth, our Senior Director of Transportation Initiatives, at

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COVID-19: The Recovery will Happen in Public Space