COVID-19: The Recovery will Happen in Public Space

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Jun 7, 2015
Dec 14, 2017

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 Places in the Making

How placemaking builds places and communities.

Author(s): DUSP team lead by Susan Silberberg



The Great Neighborhood Book

What transforms a dingy, inhospitable area into a dynamic gathering place? How do individuals take back their neighborhood?

Author(s): Project for Public Spaces 


Design by, with, for People 

A detailed look at the work of many community architects around Asia who are experimenting with new and unconventional ways of supporting community-driven change.

Author(s): Asian Coalition for Human Rights


Tactical Urbanism (Vol 1-4)

An ongoing body of work that aims to document and share tactics from around the world.

Author(s): Mike Lydon and Anthony Garcia




Design Ideas for Winter Cities.

Author(s): David Jurca and Brad Valtman



The Temporary City

The origins and the social, economic and technological drivers behind this (Temporary City) phenomenon, and its place within modern planning theory and practice.

Author(s): Peter Bishop and Lesley Williams 


Pop-Up City

City-Making in a Fluid World. A book that tells an inspiring story about the rise of pop-up culture and its impact on cities across the globe.

Author(s): Beekmans and Joop de Boer



Experiments in Urban Public Space.

Author(s): Center for Sustainable Development, University of Texas at Austin



Reclaiming Public Space in Downtown Nashville

A tool for community driven public space.

Author(s): Nashville Civic Design Center


Handmade Urbanism

Urban change carried out by local residents in their own neighborhoods or communities.

Author(s): Marcos L. Rosa



Urban pockets

Reclaiming the public in left-over open spaces.

Author(s): Urbego



Doing it Differently

It's all about creativity and innovative entrepreneurship, pop ups, and collaboration.

Author(s): Kylie Legge



Do-It-Yourself Urban Design 

A study exploring the unauthorized, "Do-It-Yourself" urban interventions across fourteen cities.

Author(s): Gordon Douglas



Under the Elevated 

A look into New York City's 700 miles of underutilized space underneath bridges, subways, and highways. Under the Elevated proposes how and why these public spaces ought to be reimagined.

Author(s): Design Trust for Public Space 




Hackable Cities

A toolkit for re-imagining  your neighborhood.

Author(s): Cecilia Tham's studio at Parsons The New School for Design



San Francisco Parklet Manual

A comprehensive overview of the goals, policies, process, procedures and guidelines for creating a parklet in San Francisco.

Author(s): San Francisco Planning Department


Parking Day Manual

A primer on user-generated urbanism and temporary tactics for improving the public realm.

Author(s): ReBar



Reclaiming the Right of Way

A Toolkit for Creating and Implementing Parklets.

Author(s): UCLA Complete Streets Initiative



Making a Great Shopping Street

Ten secrets for creating great shopping streets that are a magnet for people.

Author(s): David Engwicht


Low Cost Pedestrian Improvements 

A report detailing low-cost strategies that improve pedestrian safety. It outlines Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper pedestrian infrastructure projects that community organizations, municipal agencies or private businesses can implement themselves.

Author(s): Mass in Motion 


Field Guide to Working with Lots 

A Detroit-based tool for improving vacant lots with information on the cost, upkeep and experience required to transform a variety of possible unused sites in the city.

Author(s): Detroit Future City


People St Project Evaluation Manual

An evaluation tool for LA's People St. Program, which transforms underutilized streets and alleys into people-centered destination.

Author(s): LADOT


How to Turn a Place Around

A user-friendly, common sense guide for everyone from community residents to mayors on how to create successful places.

Author(s): Project for Public Spaces 


Adaptive Streets

An illustrated handbook to inspire and guide citizens, planners and officials to re-imagine our streets.

Author(s): Jordan Lewis and Mike Schwindeller



A Guide to Neighborhood Placemaking in Chicago

A Chicago-based tool about Placemaking and a step-by-step guide for improving neighborhoods.

Author(s): Project for Public Spaces 


2015 Akron Better Block Project

Better Block's report about their 2015 LQC project in Akron along with helpful guide for communities interested in developing similar interventions.

Author(s): Better Block; The Knight Foundation 


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COVID-19: The Recovery will Happen in Public Space