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Five Reasons You Should Come to Placemaking Week 2017

Aug 18, 2017
Dec 22, 2017

As we begin to put the finishing touches on our program, there is no doubt that Placemaking Week is going to be the world’s biggest placemaking event in 2017. It will be a monumental week full of talks, tours, and workshops, led by some of the most influential experts and practitioners in the field and we will be revealing all of the details of the speakers and sessions in the coming weeks. But in case you’re not yet convinced why you should join us this October, here are 5 more reasons why you should be:

‍Amsterdam is an innovative and growing city - much more than the picture perfect postcard of canals, small historic houses, and crooked gables that many associate it with.

(1) The people. 

Expand your professional network and form lasting relationships with like-minded placemaking advocates and practitioners. Get to know hundreds of other inspiring placemakers, city leaders, artists, and activists all doing innovative work in cities around the world. In the coming weeks we will be providing a “who’s who” of conference speakers and organizers, as well as ways that you can meet up with them to discuss topics and issues that are of interest to you.

‍Placemaking Week partner and organizer STIPO meets with placemakers during a workshop in Amsterdam.

(2) The city. 

Yes, everyone loves to call it the city of canals, but urban history runs very deep in Amsterdam extending far beyond the picturesque houses of the city center. Learn more about Amsterdam’s rich history and evolution, its current culture of urban innovation, and work with local placemakers as they chart the future of their city. At Placemaking Week, the city will be at your fingertips. From bikes to boats, breweries to coffeeshops, there is no shortage of things to do between sessions and once the day is done. Even the architecture makes you want to wander. Many of the city's buildings have been adapted and reused for a variety or modern purposes (and some we will see during the conference), but we are more familiar with the crooked and gabled houses where Amsterdam’s 17th-century facades are jaw-droppingly beautiful. For an even closer look, come and see the gardens that often cover them, known as “facade gardens.” It’s a favorite pastime of Amsterdammers to compete with their neighbors for the most attractive display. Let us be your guide to this remarkable city! 

‍Experience the nooks and crannies of the city for yourself. Even better, do it by boat or bike.

(3) The venue. 

The core of the event will be taking place at Pakhuis de Zwijger—a former refrigerated warehouse which functions as an interdisciplinary hub for debate about urbanism and the future of Amsterdam, right in the heart of the city. Part event space, part coworking space, part café, Pakhuis describes its audience as “the bottom-up vanguard: people with guts and perseverance, contributing actively to societal issues in the city, inspiring and activating people and communities and putting the collective interest first.” In other words, the kinds of indispensable and passionate folks that PPS affectionately calls “zealous nuts.”  Placemaking Week will be another in a long line of influential events that have taken place at this venerable venue!

‍Placemaking Week partner and venue, Pakhuis de Zwijger, offers attendees the best look into Amsterdam's urban landscape acting as a hub for city activity and debate.

(4) The local projects. 

Take a tour, join an off-site workshop, or attend a session to learn about some of the unique placemaking projects going on in and around Amsterdam. A cultural hub and refugee resettlement program in a decommissioned prison? The world’s biggest outdoor café? A campground that tackles the notion of placemaking? Meet the minds behind these innovative placemaking projects, and take this opportunity to actually visit and experiences the sites in person! [caption id="attachment_95767" align="alignnone" width="660"]

‍Lola Lik - one of many of the projects that will be featured at Placemaking Week.

(5) The hinterland.

If you thought this conference is just about Amsterdam, you were mistaken! This event is also about learning from other Dutch cities. Experience placemaking workshops across the country during planned tours and day trips on Wednesday of Placemaking Week. Explore cities like Rotterdam and Den Haag with local tour guides—and of course, make it back in time to enjoy the big opening party that evening! 

‍As a Placemaking Week registrant, you will be able to soon sign up for one of the many day tours to other Dutch cities that will feature placemaking workshops on Wednesday, October 11th.

Convinced? Register now! Still want to know more? Visit for more details on registration, travel and other important information for planning your week. We hope to see you there!

Make sure to register now for 2017’s Placemaking Week taking place this October. This year Project for Public Spaces collaborates with partners in Amsterdam—STIPOCity at Eye LevelPlacemaking Plus, and Pakhuis de Zwijger where the bulk of the event will be held—to host a dynamic program of sessions and workshops, where attendees will develop and share concrete strategies for advancing placemaking locally and globally.

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COVID-19: The Recovery will Happen in Public Space