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Adelaide CEO, Peter Smith, to Keynote Future of Places and The Placemaking Leadership Council

Ethan Kent
Aug 1, 2014
Jan 7, 2018

Peter Smith is pioneering the application of Placemaking to all dimensions of municipal government in Adelaide, Australia, and through his leadership of Place Leaders Asia Pacific.

‍Peter Smith, CEO of Adelaide City Council and Chairman of Place Leaders Asia Pacific

Peter joins an impressive lineup keynoting the UN Habitat, PPS and Ax:son Johnson Future of Places conference in Buenos Aires September 1st-3rd and our Placemaking Leadership Council Meeting in Pittsburgh September 8th and 9th.

In Adelaide Peter is seeding a bold city-wide culture and organizational shift with a “Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper” program called Splash Adelaide, which is having a very visible impact on the public realm and peoples’ perception of how it can be shaped. They are now further integrating Placemaking into governance by piloting “Place Capital” metrics and “place audits” to track the success of holistic outcomes and integrate responsibility for Placemaking with communities. The long-term goal is to shift more place governance capacity, and responsibility, to the district level, and make citywide government leaner in the process.

Peter sees this shift to a focus on Place Capital as a means to greater place attachment and a more resilient city. Peter came to NYC several years ago and was inspired by the work of the NYC Street Renaissnace Campaign and the Public Plaza Program it spawned, adapting it to his Splash Adelaide program. PPS has since been working with Adelaide, doing Placemaking training and strategic planning, and is now working with Peter to bring the lessons learned together around the world.

As part of this global effort, Peter has joined the steering committee for our Future of Places partnership with UN Habitat and the Swedish Ax:son Johnson Foundation, where he is helping us to apply Place Governance models internationally, with a focus on developing countries.

Peter Smith has been generously supporting PPS’s Placemaking Leadership Council, and gave a presentation on Adelaide’s shift to a “place-led” Place Governance strategy for our Detroit meeting:

Peter has also helped run the the Australasia network of Place Leaders and became its chairman to help it further lead the Placemaking movement in that region of the world.  His first act as chairman was to run a Future Of Places conference that was their biggest yet and attracted the Lord Mayors from Australia's seven largest cities, all talking about Placemaking as a way forward. He also spearheaded Adelaide’s hosting of the Velo-City conference in April 2014, that included Project for Public Spaces and a Master Class on Placemaking.

Follow him @ACC_CEO and Place Leaders at @PlaceLeaders.

Ethan Kent
Ethan Kent
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Learn About PPS’s Three-Pronged Approach to Drive Change