Roanoke, VA (2008)

Funding: Roanoke Valley Development Corp. & Downtown Roanoke Inc.

• Market hall revitalization
• Merchandising plan
• Concept design
• Placemaking strategies for market district

Downtown Roanoke is experiencing a revival, and in the center of it all is the market house and market square where hundreds of vendors sell every week.  PPS worked with Downtown Roanoke, Inc. on a comprehensive plan for the market hall, the market square and the immediate area to reposition it as the focal point for downtown.

The plan consists of a capital program for the market hall, vendor sheds, the square and streetscape as well as a plan for new management and a business strategy to achieve operational sustainability.

Goals of the project include re-establishing the historic food focus of City Market; expanding the potential for the local food economy and for locally-owned and operated businesses; building on the growth of the outdoor market; leveraging the market as a catalyst for downtown revitalization and as a venue for promoting community health and economic development; and making  Market Square a usable, active public space that enhances the visibility of Center in the Square, a regional cultural center.

To help achieve these objectives, PPS has identified several local partners as well as relevant case studies, best practices and successful business strategies from around the country.