The Key to Safe Streets: Five Cities Humanizing Street Design
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Parramatta Square
The transformation of Centenary Square provides a placemaking model and anchor for the rest of the Parramatta Square project.

Parramatta Square

New South Wales

Starting in 2012, PPS worked with the City of Parramatta in the process of creating a central square in the greater Sydney region. Throughout the process, PPS focused on preserving the history and diversity of Parramatta, maintaining this vision throughout the redevelopment of Parramatta Square, and the redesign of Centenary Square. PPS engaged with the City over the course of five years, leading public workshops, staff training, global benchmarking, and the development of a programmatic plan—setting strategic foundations for redevelopment led with place.

PPS developed the placemaking program for Centenary and Parramatta Square, while providing ongoing training and capacity building for City partners. Centenary Square is now complete, reflecting a demonstration of flexible design, successful small public spaces, and ongoing programming, events, and markets. The square has anchored the public life of the region, even while adjacent parts of Parramatta Square are under construction. PPS’s input will continue to help guide future program-led and place-led development of the square.

Project Client: 
City of Parramatta
Parramatta Square
Parramatta Square
Parramatta Square
Parramatta Square
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The Key to Safe Streets: Five Cities Humanizing Street Design