New York, NY (2007)

Participants discussed topics facing developers and managers today.

On June 11, 2007, PPS and three of its board members, Dana Crawford, Tony Goldman and Ron Sher, convened with public space developers and managers at the first-ever public space management forum: Creating and Managing Successful Destinations.

Held at PPS’ office in NYC, 40 participants from the U.S., Netherlands and Great Britain attended the forum. Presentations centered on some of the hot topics that developers and managers are facing today, including how to support local independent retail in development projects, how to create true public spaces that have “soul” in privately owned projects, new types of models for programming public spaces, and innovative and sustainable ways of paying for managing public spaces over time.

People interested in participating in future forums or in receiving more information from the past meeting should contact Kathy Madden or (212) 620-5660

Quotes from some of the forum’s speakers:


Tony Goldman, President of Goldman Properties, New York, N.Y.

“I see neighborhoods as a patchwork quilt – each neighborhood has its own fabric, color, and texture.”


Alan Hantman, 10th Architect of the Capitol and former architect of Rockefeller Center




“The challenge was tweaking a corporate, privately owned place and making it a public space.”


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