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Granville Island was developed using reclaimed land in 1915, and was originally used as an industrial manufacturing area. As the island’s buildings began to deteriorate during the industrial decline, a planning process for the island’s redevelopment was initiated in the 1970s. Many vestiges of the past were retained, such as tin and stucco siding, industrial-style doorways, cranes, and rail tracks. The arrival of the Granville Public Market in 1979 was a catalyst for the transformation of the entire island into one of the city’s most popular cultural havens.


What Makes Granville Island Public Market

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Open seven days a week and home to about fifty merchants, Granville Island Market is a main draw for visitors. The mix of  vendors at the market changes every week, and a tour–organized by Edible Canada–is one of the best ways to experience the diversity of products and the international food offerings. There is also a small “kids market” on the opposite side of the island that boasts toy, craft, and candy stalls, along with a four-level play space. When finished exploring the market, visitors can spend the rest of the day exploring the island’s other attractions, which include a theater, several art galleries, and a thriving restaurant and bar scene. On Thursdays from June to October, there is a  separate farmers market set up in Triangle Square. All of these elements have led to Granville Island becoming one of the highest grossing markets in North America.

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