Flint Farmers Market

During its over 100 year history, Flint Farmers Market has undergone numerous transformations before developing into the successful market it is today. Most recently, in June 2014, the market celebrated its official relocation to the former Flint Journal newspaper building located in Flint’s downtown area. The building’s most distinctive feature is the 70+ foot tall atrium at its front. Originally built to house the newspaper’s giant printing press, this area now functions as one of the market’s many seating areas.

What Makes Flint Farmers Market a great place?

Open year round, three days a week, the market hosts over 50 unique indoor merchants. During the warmer summer months, there are also 30 to 40 outdoor stalls selling produce, flower, and arts and crafts. The market affords visitors plenty of space to relax and sample its food offerings, with tables and chairs arranged throughout the building and outdoor areas. Getting to the market is now easier for downtown dwellers and visitors alike, with a bus terminal located across the street.

Uptown Reinvestment Corporation, the nonprofit organization that manages the market, has instituted several market programs to support Flint’s underserved populations, including the federal Double Food Bucks program and “Project Fresh,” which provides coupons for seniors and low-income parents to purchase fresh, local produce. These initiatives have turned the market into an inclusive community hub and they contribute to its overall success.

All images from the Michigan Municipal League, via Flickr

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  • christopher everson

    I love the Flint Farmers Market. As a downtown Flint resident, I do 80% of my grocery shopping there. Fresh food and friendly faces every time!

    • ppsnyc

      We love it too! Thanks for sharing your experience!