Can I apply if I am not a local government agency or official?

Yes, any local, regional, state or tribal government, or agency, or subdivision thereof, or a community-based organization may apply. However, if the applicant agency/organization is not a local or tribal government, then it must indicate, through a signed letter from a local elected official or head of a local government agency, how the local government will be substantively involved.

What does it mean for our local government to be ‘substantively involved’?

The intention of this technical assistance is to work directly with local and/or tribal governments to increase their capacity to successfully implement smart growth and sustainable communities approaches that protect the environment, improve public health, facilitate job creation and economic opportunity, and improve overall quality of life. We recognize the importance of many players in achieving livability, smart growth and sustainability at the local level, but commitment from local government is critical. Local elected officials or heads of agencies must express their support for the technical assistance, commit staff and resources to the workshops, attend the workshops themselves, and engage in the implementation of the results.

Can I submit my signed letter after my application is submitted?

No. Letters of commitment must be submitted with the application by the application deadline. If your application is received before the deadline without the attached letter, you will receive an email notification letting you know that you will need to submit the completed application.

Is there a budget for each technical assistance?

There is an overall budget for the technical assistance program, but each assistance will vary slightly depending on the communities need and the providers who best fit the assistance they have requested. We will work with each selected community to develop the program of each assistance. That said, these are small, targeted assistance projects. Each will consist of one- to two-day workshops led by Livability Solutions Coalition Members that will utilize and train participants in one or more tools from the Livability Solutions Toolkit. There will be a short memo / technical report follow-up from Livability Solutions on each assistance, and recipients will be asked to follow-up at one and nine months to report on their progress toward goals set during the workshops.

Who should we address our letter(s) of commitment to?

Letters of commitment can be addressed to:

Kate Rube
Project Manager
Project for Public Spaces
419 Lafayette Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 1003

All letters must be on letterhead and signed by an individual authorized to commit the agency or organization in question. Letters should be submitted as pdfs or jpegs.

What should I do if I have trouble with or cannot complete the online application?

If you have any difficultly with our online application form, please contact us at livabilitysolutions [at] pps [dot] org or you may call Kate Rube at 212.620.5660×326, to work out an alternative application submission process.