Here are some kind words from people who have worked with PPS in the past.

“It is important, with an open space, to understand in exacting detail just what it is and to have a well-conceived program of what activities the space will accommodate. That was a very important contribution that PPS made.”

Guy Hagstette, Director, Discovery Green Park Conservancy, Houston, TX

“PPS had such good ideas, enthusiasm, and solid experiences of solving tough traffic issues that you’ve left us with hope and this good beginning. We never thought working with DOT could be so great!”

Erika Hunter, Chocorua, NH

“PPS has been so valuable to us because they are placemaking advocates as well as experts. They ask us “Why not?” at the same time they are able to show us “Here’s how.” While working on our new public space guide for federal properties, they helped us to shape a passionate case for what our public spaces should aspire to and they were able to call upon their deep well of experiences, tools, and case studies to demonstrate how our property managers could evaluate and improve their public spaces on their own.”

— Frank Giblin, GSA, Good Neighbor Program

“Working with PPS was empowering. They listened, observed and helped us develop a vision of how life in our neighborhoods could improve by reorganizing our public spaces – streets and sidewalks – to create better balance between people and cars.”

Jill Barrett, Project Manager, Farmington Avenue Alliance, Hartford, CT

“PPS has helped build our understanding of how sensitivity to place contributes to project success and a better quality of life for our communities.”

Carol Murray, Commissioner, New Hampshire Department of Transportation

“As Mayor of Rutherford, one of the first Transit Villages in the State of New Jersey, my experience with PPS has been invaluable. Their input on our Station Square made us realize the possibilities and eventually the reality of making a pedestrian friendly and safe “place.” Their approach helped me to see the possibilities and potential for the surrounding downtown area and beyond.”

Bernadette McPherson, Mayor, Rutherford, NJ

On having PPS speakers: “Great topic! Great message! Right on the money!”

Nebraska AIA

“About 5 years ago, the New Jersey Department of Transportation decided that it needed a new way of doing business, one which engaged our communities to be more involved with the actual decision-making processes for planning and designing our projects.

We decided to make this transformation using the Context Sensitive Design philosophy. CSD implementation involved collaborating with our customers on what that philosophy should be and then setting up a training program to help imbue that new philosophy both internally and externally. We selected the Project for Public Spaces to help craft our CSD philosophy, and to be the lead to deploy the actual training program. We decided on PPS because no one else seemed to come close to matching their amazing insight on how physical infrastructure relates to social interaction.”

Gary Toth, Director, Project Planning and Development, NJDOT
Founding member, NJDOT Context Sensitive Design Implementation Team

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