PPS’s training programs provide both practical skills and inspiration to people who want to improve the public environment in their city, town or neighborhood. Training includes building awareness of public space issues and opportunities, understanding how people use public spaces, observation and data gathering techniques, building internal capacity to implement place-based projects, and public space design and management skills. Participants will learn how to elicit useful input from communities and stakeholders and how to develop and implement a positive community participation process for creating a vision for a particular place, or series of places.

What types of training does PPS offer?

PPS offers two types of training: public workshops and tailored training. The public workshops start with an introductory course designed around the principles of successful spaces, including the Placemaking process, qualities of successful and unsuccessful places, case studies of successful places that have been transformed through community-led improvement processes, and before-and-after examples from around the world.

Current PPS public workshops PPS include How to Turn a Place Around, How to Create Successful Markets, and Streets as Places. These courses take place in New York City, providing a backdrop of good and bad Placemaking examples.

Tailored PPS trainings offer more in-depth training on a variety of issues and are customized to particular groups. Possible tailored training programs include: Public Sector training, Transportation Planning, Libraries as Civic Centers, International NGO training, Partnership Building, Public Space Management Forums, and more. Visit our Training Project Experience page for examples of Tailored PPS Training.

Who does PPS train?

PPS trains a variety of audiences, nationally and internationally, including community members, citizens, city planners, transportation professionals, managers of private, public and federal properties, landscape architects, architects, urban designers, academics, and many others. PPS also develops training programs for various city, county and state departments, including planning, parks and recreation, transportation, economic development, and any other specific professional organization that is interested. PPS has also worked with non-government organizations on establishing Placemaking programs on a country-wide basis, such as our programs in Scotland, Serbia and the Czech Republic.

For more information, contact Kathy Madden at kmadden@pps.org, or call (212) 620-5660.

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