November 5-6, 2009

“If we can develop and design streets so that they are wonderful, fulfilling places to be – community-building places, attractive for all people – then we will have successfully designed about one-third of the city directly and will have had an immense impact on the rest.“
–Alan Jacobs

With this idea in mind, PPS offers Streets as Places, a two-day transportation & Placemaking training seminar intended to introduce participants to new ways of thinking about streets and how Placemaking can be used to build great streets and great communities.

Presentations and discussions will focus on how roadways and transit facilities can be designed and managed to benefit communities, while also serving mobility needs. Practical tools for assessing a variety of street typologies and case studies of cities and towns that have moved beyond simply trying to address mobility to building community will be presented, and participants will be encouraged to share their own experiences with each other.

Topics will include:

  • Context Sensitive Solutions – designing streets and highways that benefit communities
  • Walkability – linking destinations with pedestrian-friendly streets
  • Land Use – how smart land use decisions can leverage transportation investments most effectively
  • Placemaking on Streets – a series of tools and techniques for designing streets as places
  • Community Engagement – how to do it effectively and without pain
  • Street Design Flexibility – how to engage transportation agencies for better outcomes
  • Transit (Thinking Beyond the Station) – how to create community-supportive transit service and stations
  • Bicycle-Friendly Streets – best practices for safe cycling
  • Parking– how to better manage parking supply and demand
  • Transportation Campaigns – advocating for a new transportation planning paradigm

Training Course Agenda:

  • Thursday, November 5: Introductory sessions; “Street Audit” exercise; reception with PPS Staff
  • Friday, November 6: Tools & techniques; specialized topic sessions; application workshop

Who Should Attend:

It is intended for anyone who is interested in creating a great street, including transportation professionals who want to learn more about how streets can contribute to better communities; civic and elected officials who realize the social and economic benefits that can result from changing the way that roads are designed; and citizen activists who understand that the time for change is now.

Training Course Location

A course group
Visiting New York City is an educational experience in itself. And, in recent years, the streets of New York City have been undergoing a transformation – from congested conduits for vehicular traffic to streets that are now making room for separated bicycle lanes, dedicated bus lanes, wider sidewalks, and public plazas.

The training course will take place at the US Customs House at 1 Bowling Green, as well as on the streets of New York, where we will showcase some of these improvements, with before and after comparisons and first-hand knowledge of how to transform streets into places for people.

Project for Public Spaces (PPS): Training Course Host

Project for Public Spaces, Inc. is a non-profit technical assistance, research, and educational organization.

We believe that transportation investments – in both streets and transit facilities – have enormous potential to reshape communities and be catalysts for more livable, economically viable and sustainable cities. PPS’s initiative, Building Communities through Transportation, provides the framework through which cities can work in partnership with transportation agencies to achieve this critical goal. Streets as Places is a key component of this initiative.

Instructors for this course are:

Gary Toth

      , PPS Director of Transportation Initiatives and former Director of Project Planning and Development for the New Jersey Department of Transportation; along with PPS senior staff

Fred Kent,


Cynthia Nikitin,

      Vice President; and

Renee Espiau,

    Transportation Planner and Senior Associate.

Training Course Cost

The registration fee covers breakfast and lunch on both days and a cocktail reception, along with educational materials. Enrollment in training courses also includes a PPS membership! You can view all the benefits of being a PPS member here.

Early registration (before September 25): $550 for non-profits, individuals and government agencies; $650 for private companies.

Late registration (after September 25): $600 for non-profits, individuals and government agencies, $700 for private companies.

Groups of 3 or more are eligible for a discount rate. Prices per person: $450 for non-profits, individuals and government agencies, $550 for private companies.

We do offer a limited number of discounted registrations for non-profit organizations and individuals. These scholarships are based on merit. Please contact Dana Kitzes at for more information.


Registration for this training course is now open. Click here to register.


Please contact Dana Kitzes at

Streets as Places is accredited by the American Institute of Certified Planners for the Certification Maintenance (CM) Program.

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