The American Architectural Foundation

The American Architectural Foundation is a nonprofit educational organization

that believes surroundings shape peoples? spiritual and mental well-being, as

well as their productivity and physical health. Based in the Octagon Museum in

Washington, D.C., the Foundation helps students understand the importance of architecture in their lives, sponsoring grade-school educational initiatives, publications, and an extensive grant and scholarship program.

General Services Administration (GSA) Good Neighbor Program

One of the three central management agencies of the U.S. Government, GSA, through its Public Buildings Service, is the landlord of the civilian federal government; it oversees over 330 million sq. ft. of workspace, used by 1 million federal employees in 2,000 communities. GSA strives to be a “good neighbor” in all the communities where it does business, working to restore and maintain their vitality. Through its Urban Development/Good Neighbor Program, GSA seeks to leverage its federal real estate activities in ways that support community development efforts. This includes making strategic location and design decisions, partnering with local customers and communities, and managing active public buildings.

International Downtown Association (IDA)

IDA is a champion for vital and livable urban centers. Through its network of

committed individuals, body of knowledge, and capacity to nurture community-building partnerships, it serves as a guiding force in creating healthy and dynamic centers that anchor the well-being of towns, cities, and regions throughout the world.

The Mayors? Institute on City Design

Dedicated to improving the design and livability of America’s cities through the

efforts of their mayors, the Institute was created by the National Endowment for

the Arts in 1986; it is now is administered by the American Architectural Foundation in partnership with the NEA and the US Conference of Mayors. The Institute runs two-and-a-half-day-long symposiums that include presentations and roundtable discussions on design issues facing cities, including waterfront redevelopment, downtown revitalization, and new public buildings. Attendance to each symposium is limited to twenty persons, half of which are mayors and half urban design and development professionals.

Project for Public Spaces (PPS)

PPS is a nonprofit technical assistance, research, and educational organization

based in New York and Prague. Its mission – to create and sustain public places

that build communities – is achieved through programs in parks, plazas, and central squares; transportation; public buildings and architecture; and public markets. Since its founding in 1975, the organization has worked at over 1,000 sites, within the U.S. and abroad, utilizing a place-based approach to transform public spaces into vital civic places.

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