Translating a community’s vision into successful improvements requires a nuanced understanding of what makes places work. PPS applies over 30 years of public space research, knowledge and observations to every project we work on, so you can rest assured that our recommendations are based on how people will actually use the space.

We develop a concept design that details how the programs, activities, amenities, and physical improvements proposed at the community workshops and meetings will function at the project site. The concept drawings are accompanied by a selection of photos from our renowned image collection, illustrating how similar ideas have succeeded in other places.

To help you build support for the project and carry forward the initial momentum, PPS can help you implement a range of short-term, inexpensive experiments that build credibility by proving change can happen. These experiments may consist of temporary traffic-calming measures, seasonal plantings, mural painting–in short, improvements that make a visible impact at minimal cost. Successful experiments often draw in additional partners and financial support for the long-term changes to come.

Seeing a vision through from the initial concept to the end of construction involves many stages. At any point, the integrity and intuition of the community’s ideas may be compromised. PPS can work with the project team from design development to the production of construction documents, ensuring that the concepts generated during the community process will be maintained.

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