What: A public square in the heart of Merida.

Why it Works: The Plaza Mayor is a major focal point of Merida taking up the size of one full city block and enclosed on four sides by two lane roads. The landscaping is a simple path system through various types of trees and bushes. There are many benches and low retention walls for sitting. Every Sunday is fair day in Merida. The paths are wide enough to support pedestrian traffic and vendors selling various foods and handicrafts. All roads are shut down within a block radius of the square. The festive atmosphere brings hundreds of local Merideños. There is even live music in the streets at night. People are able to move freely through the square at any time of the day. It often has people walking through after visits to the Cathedral or any of the fine Yucatanese restaurants that border it. At first look, you’ll notice the high amount of people that are circulating through the square. This is a comforting image to someone who is not familiar with the safe and social atmosphere that is present in the streets of Merida.

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