What: Over 200 acres of community park, with a shoreline along Lake Huron.

Why it Works: Canatara Park spans almost 85 acres, and sits on the edge of Lake Huron. The people in this area have always loved this park. The land was bought in the 1930’s with money from both the citizens of Sarnia and the municipal government. Over the years, the area has been developed, but always with a focus on the area’s environmental character (i.e., native plants, no hindrance to the native animal habitat, no carnival like developments). The park’s green space is phenomenal, and the beach is as well. The sports field consists of about 6 acres and provides facilities for all amateur sports. The park can be accessed from all areas- beach, woods, one roadway that curls through the park- but one must park the cars to access and walk to all areas available. The park is consistently used through all seasons, though at its height in the summertime. Being in Canatara Park reminds us of what nature truly offers us and how we must remain humble in its presence.

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