What: Egyptians say “Alexandria is Asafra”: the beach that runs parallel to the city’s main street.

Why it Works: Asafra is a long beach that is shaped in waves so that as you are walking, the road appears to end; yet you are surprised to see another wave still ahead of you. You can see the sunset quite clearly from each wave.  Some important buildings like the Alexandria Library are located across from the beach. The interesting thing about Asafra is that although it is a very long and not very fancy or designed, it is always full of life and people all day long until late at night. If you decide to take a walk, you may be surprised to find that you have walked for hours without noticing. Maybe it is the many places to sit down and relax, or the different items you can buy from all the carts that are scattered along the beach. Perhaps it’s the Egyptian people who are full of life and enthusiasm. It’s just a place where you may lose track of time.

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