What: A park and adventure playground where kids can do everything from build a tree house to learn to cook.

Why it Works: Playgrounds are often a child’s first introduction to public spaces, where youngsters discover the joys and responsibilities of community places. Kolle 37 is an interactive park and clubhouse complex, where children of all ages, their families, and community members can engage in a variety of activities, from building a tree house to cooking a healthy meal. The word “Abenteuerspielplatz” means ‘adventure playground,’ and the guiding philosophy behind the park is that children should be exposed to the many ‘dangerous’ elements of life—hammers, live animals, fire—in a safe and supervised atmosphere. The park is located directly between a subway station and the neighborhood’s main square, on a tree lined street that has regular foot traffic, many cafes and shops, but relatively little automobile traffic. One of the most pleasant aspects of Kolle 37 is the complete comfort and conviviality that its users demonstrate. Every day a simple meal is cooked and offered to those in the park during the hour just after school lets out, and the meal is often a time when newcomers will share their names and a bit about themselves.

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