The town of Charlotte has developed a ten-year plan for the revitalization of its downtown cultural district that focuses on park development.  Based on earlier work with PPS, the town has been soliciting feedback and input from residents for months.  As a result, Charlotte has settled on incorporating a series of smaller parks as a way of encouraging sociability and recreation among inhabitants. The plan is expected to include urban parks that are smaller, yet more diverse, than their suburban counterparts, and aims to connect the parks with a network of green spaces such as greenways and boulevards.

Charlotte is a rapidly growing city with a projected 50% population increase in the city’s center in the next four years.  Surrounding areas could see their population triple in the next two years. “People who move to an urban area give up their front yards, and their front yards become the parks”, said Cheryl Myers, senior vice president of planning and development for Center City Partners.

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