Spring 2009 – Working Together

by Cynthia Nikitin – Recreation and Parks BC Magazine

“By working together and pooling their unique strengths and areas of expertise, these institutions and the communities around them can identify their true potential to better serve the public by tackling common challenges.”

May 2009 – The Upside of a Down Economy

by Fred Kent – Urban Land

“The stumbling global economy…are being balanced by a surge of interest in things local: production of local food, promotion of local businesses, preservation of local character, improvement of public spaces, and perhaps most important, the rediscovery of meaningful ways to belong to a community.”

Fall/Winter 2008 – From Cow Town to Our Town

by Cynthia Nikitin – Public Art Review – Issue 39 – Vol. 20
In this piece on suburbia, shared space and public art, Nikitin asks: Is public art part of the American Dream?

“Public art can begin to create a mental shift. It can help a community begin to redefine and reimagine the notion of shared space, shared values, and collective common interests”

August 2008  – Place Making Around the World

by Fred Kent – Urban Land

“At the same time, the United States is incubating another growing trend that holds great promise for how people across the planet will live in the future. But this trend gets far less media attention. At the heart of this movement is place making—a set of ideas about creating cities in ways that result in high quality spaces where people naturally want to live, work, and play.”

July 2008 – Community-Based Street Design

by Gary Toth and Renee Espiau –  Smart Growth Network

“While early streets were designed to be sensitive to their context and to serve the communities in which they were located, post-World War II street planning and design shifted focus to serving our desire for speed. Fortunately, there is a new and growing movement to look at streets in their broader community context.”

April 2004 – Pedestrian Paradise

by Jay Walljasper – Utne

“All across the land, people are speaking up, organizing meetings, fighting city hall and, in some cases, working with city hall to make streets safer and more pleasant for pedestrians”

Summer 2001 – Creating ‘Places’ that Work

by Kathy Madden – Planning Commissioners Journal No. 43

“From our experience, placemaking requires a radically different approach than is used by most designers today. In contrast to the traditional design or planning process, a place-oriented approach is necessarily broader than one that is primarily design driven.”

September 2000 – Paradise Lost, Again

by Fred Kent – The New York Times

“We need to remember that it is still our responsibility to insist that our city parks are open to everyone all the time. Otherwise, we will get used to being shut out of them, and they will become the same empty, useless spaces they were 20 years ago.”

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