Max - FULL

Max Miller, a native New Yorker, is working on his second year pursuant to a Master’s degree in Urban Planning at Cornell University. He is interested in local economic development, public space and multi-modal transportation…and occasional bouts of tactical urbanism.

His original interest in public space stemmed from its values as a conduit for the expression of civil liberties as well as the role of consumer culture in both promoting and threatening these civil spaces. He has since expanded this interest to include issues of placemaking, access, and business incubation.

Max holds a BA from Bard College in Historical Studies which informs his interests in the Cold War and consumer culture. Prior to attending Cornell, Max was a non-fiction television producer. Working on shows for Food Network in particular led him to an interest in food systems which feeds into a greater interest in local economies.

Max works at PPS doing research on public markets around the world, looking at the different challenges, trends, and issues that shape these important places of social, cultural, and economic exchange.


MRP in Urban Planning, Cornell University, 2015

BA in Historical Studies, Bard College, 2007