Project Associate

Jessica Cronstein is a writer and urban designer interested in the point at which the social, economic, and physical growth of cities intersect. She is invested in the idea that we can learn from both the mistakes and successes of the past in urban design but has long been struggling with how to apply those lessons. Further, she strongly believes that a well designed city leads to a physically and economically healthier population, and that public space is an integral part of that equation. As a native New Yorker, she is specifically interested in the future, as well as the history, of New York City.

With experience working in both large and small firms, Jessica has worked on projects all over the U.S., from Virginia to L.A. as well as projects ranging in size from a restaurant to the masterplan of a city. Through those experiences she learned the value of community engagement in the process and came to PPS to learn more about how to successfully democratize the creation of space. Prior to PPS she was a project associate at Urban Omnibus, an online publication of the Architectural League of New York that uses New York City as a testing ground for new ideas in architecture and urban design. As a project associate she reported on urban design related news and events around the city.

New to PPS, Jessica is working on projects for both the website and the design department. 

Master of Architecture, Rice University School of Architecture, 2011
Bachelors of Arts with a focus in Sculpture, Bard College, 2004