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The Placemaking Roundup

Brief videos of PLC member presentations at the meetings in Detroit and Pittsburgh. These presentations showcase the exciting and diverse types of work PLC members are engaged in around the world, and should serve as inspiration to communities everywhere.

Kresge President Rip Rapson’s Detroit Keynote (Video)

“Connecting Detroit’s Assets through Strategic Placemaking” – Rip Rapson, president of the The Kresge Foundation, gave an opening address that highlighted the reason we had chosen the Motor City for the first Council meeting. It is here, as Rip explains, that Placemaking is taking off, perhaps for the first time, as a transformational strategy not just for a single space or even a district, but for an entire city and region.

Place Governance: Adelaide CEO Peter Smith’s Presentation (Prepared Video)

Peter Smith, CEO (City Manager) of Adelaide, South Australia, prepared this video for the PLC to showcase his government’s innovative “Place-Led” approach to managing the city.

An Introduction to the PLC (Video)

Get to know the Placemaking Leadership Council through voices from the inaugural meeting in Detroit. To explore these topics in more detail, you can read the full Detroit report.

PLC Meeting Reports

Vancouver 2016

Pittsburgh 2014

Shaping a Placemaking Movement: the Report from Pittsburgh

Detroit 2013

Creating a Common Agenda for Placemaking: the View from Detroit

PLC Blog Coverage

Innovative Funding Programs for Placemaking

The Placemaking Funders Forum, a program of the PLC, recently met for the second time. Check out the list of organizations and their groundbreaking Placemaking-focused grant programs.

Worldwide Resonance, Local Action: The Placemaking Leadership Council Takes Off

Learn about recent PLC member efforts on the ground in communities around the world.

How to Bring Life to Vacant Lots

A review of innovative approaches to activating vacant lots. Ideas were sourced from a conversation on the PLC’s private LinkedIn forum.

The Kresge Foundation Supports the Growing Placemaking Leadership Council

Announcing The Kresge Foundation’s new support of the PLC, and highlighting the organization’s recent commitments to Placemaking.

Partners in Place: Common Ground from Allies in the Placemaking Leadership Council

Even though—or because—members of the PLC represent vastly different organizations and interests, Placemaking is the common strategy that is fueling even the most unlikely of collaborations and public/private partnerships. These partnerships were the focus of the second of two plenary sessions in Pittsburgh, entitled Why Placemaking Matters: Making the Case & Building a Base.

Funders Forum: Diverse Funders Are Converging on Placemaking

Overheard in Detroit: Ten Great Quotes From the Placemaking Leadership Council

The Right to Contribute: The Detroit Report from the Placemaking Leadership Council

Supporting Placemaking Leadership in Michigan

Recent PLC Newsletters

The Biggest Year Yet for the Placemaking Leadership Council (January 2016) 

Ideas Ripe for Scaling Up: Inspiring Videos, LQC Resource Center, Small Town Placemaking, and More! (May/June 2015) 

Join Us in Stockholm: Integrate Placemaking in the UN’s New Urban Agenda (March 2015)

PLC Update: Progress & What’s Up Next (February 2015)