PLC Pittsburgh Tour: Market Square

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Placemaking Week

Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 11 – 14, 2017. The world’s leading Place advocates, practitioners, and policymakers will converge in Amsterdam to envision a place-led future for cities.

Previous Leadership Council Convenings

At the global meeting of the Placemaking Leadership Council members convene to share resources, to discuss the future(s) of the field, and to further develop the goals and potential impacts of the growing Placemaking movement.

Vancouver 2016

The 2016 Placemaking Leadership Forum took place on September 14–17th in Vancouver, Canada. Over 500 attendees and speakers from all over the world piled into Downtown Vancouver for a series of tours, workshops, talks and side events, aimed at envisioning a place-led future for cities by leveraging the convergence of a range of global issues—from health and sustainability, to innovation and equity—in public space.

Pittsburgh 2014

Fueled by the ideas and momentum generated in the PLC’s first year, everyone at the 2014 annual meeting in Pittsburgh agreed that it was time to take action! For details, and our plan for progress, download the full PLC Pittsburgh Report, Shaping a Placemaking Campaign.

Detroit 2013

The inaugural summit took place in Detroit in April 2013. Download the meeting report, Creating a Common Agenda for Placemaking: the View from Detroit.