Dave Snyder

Executive Director, California Bicycle Coalition

Dave Snyder, executive director of the California Bicycle Coalition is a long-time organizer and advocate for socially just transportation and land-use policies. His bicycle advocacy began in 1991, when he served as the executive director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, where he built the organization from a handful of members to a powerhouse of 4,500 members. He previously worked with Thunderhead Alliance (now the Alliance for Biking & Walking) and also as the director of Transportation Policy for a San Francisco-based think tank. He received a BA in politics, magna cum laude, from St. Andrews Presbyterian College. Kevin Mills, Vice President of Policy and Trail Development at Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, is responsible for advocacy and trail development activities, including RTC?s Active Transportation Campaign, which has organized communities across America to develop plans demonstrating how they could cost-effectively shift trips to bicycling and walking and create active transportation systems connecting the places where people live, work, learn, play, shop, and access transit. Mills co-authored ?Active Transportation for America?, a report quantifying the national benefits of federal investment in such opportunities.. Previously, Kevin worked as an attorney at Environmental Defense Fund. Kevin received a BA in Government and Environmental Studies from Oberlin, and his law degree at the University of Michigan Law School. Stuart Cohen co-founded TransForm in 1997, an organization that builds powerful, diverse coalitions to promote world class transit and walkable communities in the Bay Area and now throughout California. TransForm has shaped Bay Area campaigns for transportation funding measures that have brought over $6 billion for public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. Their new Invest in Transit campaign is working to replicate that success at the state level. In 2005 Stuart helped conceive and launch the Bay Area's Great Communities Collaborative. He also co-founded ClimatePlan, a statewide network promoting smart land use and transportation as critical components of California's climate strategy. Stuart was awarded an Ashoka Fellowship in 2010 for TransForm's innovative programs such as GreenTRIP which certifies and promotes model developments that dramatically reduce car trips, excess parking, and climate emissions while promoting more affordable homes. Stuart received a Master's Degree in Public Policy (MPP) from the Goldman School of Public Policy at U.C. Berkeley.