Molly O'Reilly

Board Vice President, America Walks

Molly O’Reilly is vice president of America Walks and a founding member and president of the Idaho Pedestrian and Bicycle Coalition. She founded and chaired the City of Sandpoint Pedestrian Advisory Committee and served on Idaho’s Safe Routes to School Committee. Molly also served on the committee that wrote Idaho Walk Safe, a pedestrian safety brochure for the State of Idaho published by Idaho Office of Highway Safety.
In addition, Molly was a founding member of Sensible Transportation Options for People in Portland, OR, whose mission was to stop a proposed freeway and advocate for light rail, bikes, smart growth and pedestrians. She served as a Citizen Member for the Portland OR Metro Region TPAC (Transportation Policy Alternatives Committee), and she was Executive Director of Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, OR. Molly has an extensive background in sales, market research and management. She has a B.A. from Reed College and an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University.