Barbara McCann

Principal, McCann Consulting

A common concern in transportation agencies and elected officials is that implementing Complete Streets policies will cost too much. Such concern is common in communities from Portland, ME to Los Angeles, CA, and is often based in a misperception of the Complete Streets approach, a legitimate concern about already stretched transportation budgets, or an uncertainty that providing for all people is truly worth it. In response, the National Complete Streets Coalition has been working to collect stories and case studies of communities across the country that are planning, designing, and building Complete Streets. With an extended case study from Charlotte, NC and dozens of examples from other communities, we can make the case that not only is a Complete Streets approach worth the investment, but they can be achieved within existing budgets; can help avoid costly mistakes by providing planning and design flexibility; garner new support for all transportation investment; and add lasting community value. This session will draw from those examples, providing attendees with real-world stories to use in their own communities and make the case for local Complete Streets implementation. As budgets continue to tighten and residents and leaders express concern over transportation benefits, this session is not just timely, but vital, to ensuring our communities? streets are accommodating for everyone, regardless of age, ability, income, ethnicity, or mode of travel.