Pro Walk/Pro Bike® is the leading international conference on walking and bicycling. The National Center for Bicycling & Walking, a program of Project for Public Spaces, established the conference in 1980.

In 2014, we will be gathering in Pittsburgh, a metropolis that is on the cutting edge of walking, biking and placemaking!

What was new for 2012?
We’re at an exciting tipping point in the U.S. More people than ever are walking and bicycling in our communities. Elected leaders and businesses are realizing the value of investing in active transportation. And we’ve seen cities small and large across the country pioneering ideas like Bike Share, bike boulevards, and open streets projects that turn pavement into places for recreation and fun. At the same time, we all face shrinking budgets and at times resistance to making changes that support a new future for walking and bicycling. We covered all of these topics and more at Pro Walk/Pro Bike®: Pro Place. This year’s conference also included a new focus on Placemaking – ensuring that bicycling and walking facilities are connecting people to great destinations and places.

Long Beach: Aiming to be ‘America’s Most Bike Friendly City’
In 2012, we gathered in sunny Long Beach, California, a city of 400,000 that has been taking an extraordinarily proactive role in promoting active transportation in the Los Angeles megalopolis, an area infamous for its car culture. Long Beach has embraced walking and bicycling as tools to improve its economic vitality, its quality-of-life, and as a way to ensure all residents are connected to a just and equitable transportation system.
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Pro Walk: Pro Bike 2012 Steering Committee

Charles Gandy, Local Host, Pro Walk/Pro Bike®: Pro Place 2012
“I’m proud to be a part of a burgeoning cultural shift that embraces biking and walking.”
http://www.charliegandy.com | @CharlieGandy

Melissa Balmer, Editor/Initiative Director, Women on Bikes SoCal
“It’s quite an honor to be involved in a conference that so proactively addresses some of the most challenging issues of our time, and I’m very excited to play a role in engaging a strong female presence in the conference.”
http://www.womenonbikessocal.org | http://www.melissabalmer.com | @WomenOnBikesSoC, @maitriquest

Georgia Case, Principal, Idea Group
Georgia is the principal of Idea Group, a creative-collective that provides PR, marketing, and fundraising expertise to improve and enhance the community’s quality of life. She is currently working on the Share Our Streets and Walk Long Beach campaigns to make the city safer and more attractive for bicyclists and pedestrians. Georgia is a founding member of Bikestation and the nonprofit organizations Bikeable Communities and CITY FABRICK.

Ron Antonette, Public Relations and Marketing Consultant, R. Antonette Communications
“As a parent of two, I believe that biking or walking to school each morning can be just as important as breakfast. Our kids get their bodies and brains engaged for the school day ahead, and begin to learn the responsibility of being ‘on time.’ I hope the attendees will walk away with fresh ideas on ways to engage parents and families.”
http://www.rantonette.com | @rantonette

Allan Crawford, President, AC Consulting
Allan is the Bicycle Coordinator for the City of Long Beach and sits on the board of the bicycle advocacy organization Bikeable Communities.

Emily Duchon, Designer, Alta Planning + Design
Emily has worked with communities in Southern California to improve pedestrian, streetscape, and public spaces.

Elissa Thomas, Sustainable Transportation Coordinator, California State University, Long Beach
Elissa has dedicated her career to collaborating with communities to promote and fund walking and bicycling infrastructure.

Steve Gerhardt, Senior Planner, City of Long Beach
“Long Beach is becoming a city that experiments, and is a perfect size to make things happen. We’re big enough to have resources and a variety of neighborhood place types, and small enough to be nimble and manageable. During the conference, we want to show off what we’ve been able to do, and learn from all the other cities around the country that are also making great strides on creating more sustainable and healthful communities.”
http://www.lbds.info/planning/advance_planning/general_plan.asp | @goofoolio

April Economides, Green Urbanist
“I’m a proud Long Beach native and ‘booster,’ and I’ve seen how the city has improved over the years. I love showing off to friends and colleagues how easy it is to get around town via velo – not to mention a fun way to check out our great restaurants, bars, and brew pubs.”

Andréa White-Kjoss, CEO, Bikestation/Mobis Transportation Alternatives Inc.
“Pro Walk Pro Bike is one of the top professional conferences in these fields.  This is where people who shape our urban landscape come to collaborate on making bicycling and walking a priority in their respective cities.  It is an exciting place to be.”

Elizabeth Williams, President, Cali Bike Tours
“I am excited about being a part of this conference so that Long Beach can showcase the bikeability and walkability of our wonderful city.”
www.CaliBikeTours.com | @calibiketours

Kerri Zane, Ambassador, Healthy Living for Single Moms
“As a lifelong advocate of leading an active lifestyle, I am proud to be part of a program that encourages heart healthy activities.”
www.kerrizane.com | @kerrrizan