Advocate and OpenPlans founder Mark Gorton fires up the crowd during closing remarks. / Photo: PPS

“We can no longer except the crumbs and incremental change.”

–RWJF Senior Program Officer and former NCBW/PWPB director Sharon Roerty during the closing plenary


“I want to see people checking in more often on streets, sidewalks, and transit when they’re walking and traveling around the city–treating buses and sidewalks as destinations.”

–Alissa Walker, speaking about location-sharing social media tool Foursquare


“When the world is screwed up, people speaking the truth will seem extreme.”

–Mark Gorton, in a panel on the New York City Streets Renaissance Campaign


“In all of these places, there’s one local person that you can track the success back to.”

–Ethan Kent, Vice President at the Project for Public Spaces, referring to the effectiveness of zealous nuts in driving change


“Culture change has just sort of been a hobby that I’ve worked on in my spare time.”

–Gary Kavanagh, the zealous nut (and Streetsblog LA writer) behind the #FlightVsBike race during last year’s Carmageddon in LA


“If you’re going to be doing [an advocacy campaign], make sure to work with some partners that are going to raise some eyebrows.”

–Kit Hodge, Deputy Director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition


“We are the majority! The cars don’t vote!”

–Mark Gorton, during the closing plenary at Pro Walk/Pro Bike: Pro Place 2012


“We need to do a better job to focus on women and people of color. This movement will not grow if we don’t focus on those two areas.”

–Long Beach’s recently-elected Deputy Mayor, Robert Garcia


“It’s great for the calves.”

–Stephen Patchan, bikeped coordinator for the city of Pittsburgh, speaking about biking his city’s many steep hills just after the announcement that the Steel City will host PWPB 2014

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