“We call ourselves the most bicycle-friendly city in the US–not out of hubris or a belief that we actually are…It’s a continual reminder of what we want to be, like with our children, when we tell them they’re the greatest at everything even though we know they’re not quite there yet.”

–Long Beach City Council Member Dr. Suja Lowenthal, in her welcoming remarks to Pro Walk/Pro Bike: Pro Place attendees


“Rather than thinking of our streets as conduits for moving cars, we should think of them first as public space, and then ask ourselves ‘How do we want to use that public space?'”

–Ryan Snyder, whose firm spearheaded the development of LA’s Model Design Manual for Living Streets


“Walkability is not a one-size-fits-all object that we can just build.”

–Kevin Manaugh, a researcher and instructor at McGill University in a presentation of his study of peoples’ satisfaction with walking based on various motivational factors

“We’re not spending 18% of the GDP on health care–it’s medical care. What the people in this room do is health care!”

–Dr. Richard Jackson, responding to a statement made about current health care spending in the United States during the lunchtime plenary discussion


“The people who say ‘I represent the community’ are often the most dangerous.”

–Fred Kent, President of the Project for Public Spaces


“If you can’t get from here to there on low-stress routes, you don’t have a network.”

–Peter Furth, Professor at Northeastern University


“Congestion is like cholesterol; there’s good and there’s bad. A city without some congestion will die.”

–John Norquist, CEO of the Congress for New Urbanism


“This is the most elaborate Pro Walk/Pro Bike conference I’ve ever been to!”

–Tedson Meyers, one of the founders of what was then called “Pro Bike” in 1980


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