Many of you made it out to the Long Beach Convention Center tonight for the opening reception (presented by Bikes Belong) for this year’s conference–but for those who haven’t we wanted to put together a quick step-by-step guide to navigating the LBCC tomorrow morning so that everyone can get checked in with plenty of time to snag a good seat for the opening plenary, which begins at 8:00 AM. To that end, the pictures below illustrate the fastest route from Ocean Boulevard into the Grand Ballroom, where our team of top-notch volunteers will be waiting with your conference packet and nametag. See you soon!

From Ocean Boulevard, you'll be able to see the arched entryway to the LBCC.

Once inside, head down the corridor and keep an eye out on your left for the staircase up to the second level.

Take the stairs if you're especially pro-walk -- otherwise, there are escalators for non-morning people who still haven't had their coffee.

Once you're on the second level, head straight toward the ballroom, which will be marked by a Pro Walk/Pro Bike: Pro Place sign.

Immediately through these doors, you'll find volunteers waiting to get you checked in & ready to go!

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