Brian Ulaszewski is the energetic and talented¬† Executive Director of the newly formed nonprofit in Long Beach called CityFabrick.¬† Brian is an architect and urban designer who is working to bring the principles of Holly Whyte and Placemaking to his sunny city on the Pacific, which will host the Pro Walk/Pro Bike: Pro Place conference in just over a week. As you can see in this video of Brian’s TEDx talk on re-thinking streets as places, Long Beach is fortunate to have such a talented and dedicated advocate who will push the city’s Placemaking efforts to greater heights!

Brian has also been instrumental in helping to bring PPS’s How to Turn a Place Around Placemaking training to Long Beach. This special west coast edition of HTTAPA will take place directly following the conference, on September 14-15. There’s still time to register–and remember, if you’re signed up for Pro Walk/Pro Bike: Pro Place, you’ll be able to take advantage of a steep discount for the training!

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