The Active Living Resource Center’s Emerging Leaders pilot program in Chattanooga TN developed active living related internships for ¬†students in health, planning, engineering, and public administration.

Send us your future planners, engineers, and public health practitioners who are yearning to learn how the built environment influences health, happiness, and well-being. We will have 101 level sessions available for you to pick up what the professors in your urban studies or engineering program should be teaching you. Graduate students and pre-professionals will have a chance to network with the people doing the exciting work. Finally, if you are looking for a graduate program in the field, the LA County region has developed some really interesting academic-advocacy-government partnerships to support active living.

If you can get to Long Beach, September 10-13, we will figure out how to get you into the conference. Advice: 1) wait for the program to be announced; and 2) go through your professional association such as APBP, ITE, APA, or APHA.

Pro Walk/Pro Bike was established in 1980 and has convened every two years since. The conference is run on a break-even basis, with any surplus going to support the continuation of the conference. Our revenues are generated from sponsorships (40%) and registration fees (60%). We do our best to keep overhead low, while providing a good value to conference participants. For 2012, our costs have increased $10-20 over 2010, which is below inflation.

Pro Walk/Pro Bike does not offer comps to presenters. Approximately 20 percent of conference participants are presenters; comping that many would be unsustainable, and would force us to reduce the number and variety of presentations. For 2012, we will have 60+ Panel Sessions with multiple presenters, and 50+ Poster Sessions; it’s an incredible and bewildering array of choices. And yet I wish we had more space and time.

We do have a certain degree of flexibility for hardships. We ask, however, that you exhaust all other avenues first. Unsure what constitutes a hardship? Here’s a case study of what
does not:

A representative of a well-known 51 million member motorists rights organization requested a comp that would allow his participation on a distracted driving panel.¬†This request was made despite the fact that his organization’s annual budget exceeded the annual operating budget of approximately 70% of the local governments sending staff to our conference.

Verdict: not a hardship.

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