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Convert some of the smaller streets to pedestrian walkways. 0

3:49pm Apr 09, 2012

Where? all of downtown

Visiting Denver in December, we stayed on 16th St Mall. It was amazing how easily you could move up and down the street to shop and Southwest Airlines sponsored an Ice Skating Rink. It was awesome! 0

8:09am Mar 08, 2012

Where? Alamo Plaza or Hemisphere Plaza

Texas A&M is preparing a proposal for a Agribusiness Incubator in another City. I the City could make 100 vacant lots available for 5 years of urban agriculture, we could have an one Incubator too. 0

11:58pm Jan 08, 2012

Where? All vacant lots not soon to be developed.

Adapt it for use as a small "pocket park". 0

2:49pm Sep 29, 2011

Where? Vacant lot bound by North Flores, West Pecan, North Main, and West Salinas.

By Jacob Floyd

People love to sight see while going to shop or eat. I know you have vendors but why not have dancing or drumming to attract additional attention to passer buyers! 1

12:13pm Sep 15, 2011

Where? On weekends, allow artists a spot outside a business location to showcase (demo) their craft!

By Brenda McFarlane

Repair/replace sidewalks adjacent to La Villita, St. John's Church, numerous bed and breakfasts, south to Cesar Chavez Blvd (formerly Durango). 0

10:46am Sep 15, 2011

Where? La Villita - sidewalks along Presa St. from Commerce to Cesar Chavez

By NIna Nixon-Mendez

Install permanent benches or chairs 0

6:11pm Sep 08, 2011

Where? Northeast area of Hemisfair Park at convention center

Public Art for a city full of visual artists, mosaics, etc. -- idea from Japan 1

10:25am Aug 25, 2011

Where? all of downtown

By Cathy Brillson Leonard

Block off Dolorosa from S Main Ave to Main Plaza. 0

10:04pm Aug 22, 2011

Where? Main Plaza

By Drew Schaffer

Reform legislation that restricts pedicab hours and zone / Incentivize the pedicab industry 0

5:34pm Aug 22, 2011

Where? Downtown streets

By Laura Muraida