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To be a mix of high rise, mid rise, low rise, and parks throughout the city with good architecture(i.e. a mixture of old Mediterranean and unique, modern styles). Include 24/7 activity for all ages. 1

1:37pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio

By Does it matter Really

Free parking or reasonable parking fees. Why live, work, dine or shop downtown when you do not have to pay to park elsewhere in the city? 0

6:38pm Jun 16, 2011

Where? Everywhere in the central business district.

By Michael Marke

Add digital parking space signs counting system on DT public parking garages to help facilitate parking. I believe the city is working on implementing the idea during the fall. 0

12:24pm Jun 16, 2011

Where? All downtown parking garages (Pic of garage on corner of Travis and N St. Mary's

By Malik SAT

Create urban organic gardens on roofs of buildings downtown. 1

1:04pm Jun 15, 2011

Where? Th Magik Theatre is a great example of a building that has a large flat roof. Easy access to any roof would have to be created.

By Richard Rosen

The Catholic Book Store on Main Plaza needs to become an active retail/restaurant space 2

3:00pm Jun 14, 2011

Where? Across from San Fernando on Main Plaza

Need dedicated bikeways along the San Antonio River where pedestrian traffic is heavy and/or bicycles are prohibited, in order to complete the 13-mile river trek. 1

2:53pm Jun 14, 2011

Where? Particularly through downtown San Antonio and south of downtown to Southtown.

By Jim Dalglish

A central trolley terminal, providing easy access to San Antonio's cultural corridors. 1

2:46pm Jun 14, 2011

Where? Alamo Plaza or somewhere central and prominent.

By Jim Dalglish

Create a lake for canoeing, paddle boats, and model boats. Then utilize some type of public art such as on Museum Reach to link over to the development that will be taking place at the stockyards. 0

10:02am Jun 14, 2011

Where? on San Pedro Creek near IH 35

By Linda Vela

I wish the library had an outdoor library 2

7:49pm Jun 13, 2011

Where? Downtown San antonio Sledad street

By Phil Myrick