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Vertical Farms for downtown. 1

8:07am Jun 19, 2011

Where? any where downtown would be nice

Build a city-run parking garage just outside the core downtown district and provide shuttles from the garage to major intersections downtown. The goal: affordable parking & less congestion 1

9:02pm Jun 18, 2011

Where? Outside downtown core

We need more tree cover around downtown. The riverwalk has plenty of cover but what about the rest of downtown. 0

2:32pm Jun 18, 2011

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio

By David Marotta

Provide some safe, welcoming parking options near La Villita and HemisFair Park. Both are gems in our city that are underutilized because SA residents cannot easily access them. 0

11:17am Jun 18, 2011

Where? Corner of Alamo and Nueva

By Augie Ray

Create a special tax district for Houston Commerce Sts to encourage small businesses--particularly retail and restaurants--to open. Our street level needs a portion of the energy found on the river. 0

11:07am Jun 18, 2011

Where? Houston and Commerce Streets, between Alamo Plaza and the River (or perhaps even as far west as Santa Rosa)

By Augie Ray

The river taxis should be available as an alternate mode of transportation for the citizens of San Antonio. 6

9:58am Jun 18, 2011

Where? Riverwalk and riverwalk expansion to Broadway.

By Mardi Anderson

Trader Joe's 1

9:55am Jun 18, 2011

Where? wherever HEB won't put a downtown grocery store

By Christopher Sierra

Re-develope Hemisphere into an actual park 0

7:41am Jun 18, 2011

Where? Hemisphere Park

By Dre Pendarvis

Offer property owners bordering highways tax incentives to plant and maintain decorative trees. Trees provide shade, cool the area, and deprive taggers of their favorite wide open canvases 0

11:54pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? Highways 35, 37, 410, Hwy 90

By Christopher Norman

Put an HEB in the downtown area. 0

11:26pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? Not sure where it should be.

By Linda Richmond

The worst thing about coming downtown is that there is not enough free/inexpensive parking and meter maids are always on the prowl. Figure how to provide better/cheaper parking. 3

10:22pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? Within a 3 to 5 block walk to the downtown portion of the riverwalk.

By George Gwaltney

We need more small, locally owned businesses that showcase local products and local artists. Right now downtown feels like it exclusively for tourists. Also, improve our mass transit! 1

10:17pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? Throughout downtown area