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there is a small strip of empty land there this place could be cleaned up, landscaped, a couple of tables, benches, etc. maybe even add free public wifi. 0

11:08am Jul 04, 2011

Where? pecan and travis

By robert gonzalez

Make a 6 month or year pass available to residents to use the river taxi and/or river barge. 3

2:20pm Jul 01, 2011

Where? Riverwalk

By Brian Hanes

Use the "Rolling at the Rails" connection and make Sunset Station a roller skating complex. It could eventually have a roller board park, in-line skating areas, even roller derby facilities. 1

11:41am Jul 01, 2011

Where? Sunset Station

Extend and increase the size of San Pedro Park. Turn the VIA HQ block just south of San Pedro Park into a new section of the park. 1

10:37am Jul 01, 2011

Where? Alta Vista, Five Points

By derek marc

is to allow food vendors to provide more than just hot dogs and raspas. 0

10:26am Jul 01, 2011

Where? All of Downtown

free wifi 0

1:45pm Jun 30, 2011

Where? public areas of downtown

By Ricardo Briones

The space is currently owned by Frost Bank but it make a great dog park. 1

10:22am Jun 30, 2011

Where? Green space at corner of W Travis and Main Ave

By Ramiro Gonzales

Bottom floor, Urbanmarket. Next 4-5 floors, parking garage for Blue Star, etal. Top floor, Skate Park with terrain, half pipe and plenty of seating. 0

12:12am Jun 29, 2011

Where? Silos, south of Blue Star; currently vacant except construction equip and materials.

Add a residential space and grocery store to downtown San Antonio.This building's location is an eye sore and should be replaced with something new. 1

7:38pm Jun 28, 2011

Where? Corner of St.Marys and Martin

Annual Texas Food Truck Festival. Food trucks would line up along Commerce (Alamo to Main Plaza) , accompanied by live music and children's activities. San Antonians love a good festival! 13

12:33pm Jun 28, 2011

Where? Commerce

By Caroline Rush

Re-roof the Alamodome totally SOLAR! 0

6:51am Jun 27, 2011

Where? The Alamodome

By Sarah Gonzales Busse

Turn El Mercado into thriving public market for fair trade goods & heirloom foods of "the Americas" bring back the chili queens, but healthy. 1

6:35am Jun 27, 2011

Where? El Mercado / Market Square

By Sarah Gonzales Busse