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Turn this street into a greenspace pedestrian path that will connect Hemisfair to the Mercado!Fill the space with trees, interactive art,places to sit,food vendors, flower markets and green projects. 0

2:34pm Jun 05, 2012

Where? Nueva Street from Hemisfair to Santa Rosa

By Rob Abodeely

This little used building could be easily enhanced to be the city center for runners, perhaps via the non-profit San Antonio Road Runners. It would directly serve tens of thousands. 0

10:41am Jun 04, 2012

Where? Island concession stand located between the two iron bridges in Brackenridge Park.

By Randy Ohman

Skateboarders use the slope of Steves Avenue between Walters and Hackberry every night, all night. Let's give them their own place to exercise and be safe, with ramps, picnic and seating areas! 0

12:03pm May 21, 2012

Where? site of former fire station at 2903 South New Braunfels Avenue, San Antonio

By Rachel C ywinski

Instead of a parking lot, this area should be a central plaza to the Riverwalk. You have so many great places that surround it like easy access to the river and great restaurants/bars all around. 0

11:54am May 09, 2012

Where? Parking Lot in front of Howl at the Moon in between Navarro and Presa

It would be great reopen Avenue A where it dead ends at 13th St near the new 1221 Apts with a shared peds/bike only path or tunnel to connect that area with the Pearl district. 0

2:09pm Apr 12, 2012

Where? Avenue A. & 13th St. to Avenue A. & Newell Avenue

Visiting Denver in December, we stayed on 16th St Mall. It was amazing how easily you could move up and down the street to shop and Southwest Airlines sponsored an Ice Skating Rink. It was awesome! 0

8:09am Mar 08, 2012

Where? Alamo Plaza or Hemisphere Plaza

Adapt it for use as a small "pocket park". 0

2:49pm Sep 29, 2011

Where? Vacant lot bound by North Flores, West Pecan, North Main, and West Salinas.

By Jacob Floyd

Repair/replace sidewalks adjacent to La Villita, St. John's Church, numerous bed and breakfasts, south to Cesar Chavez Blvd (formerly Durango). 0

10:46am Sep 15, 2011

Where? La Villita - sidewalks along Presa St. from Commerce to Cesar Chavez

By NIna Nixon-Mendez