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Install "Free Little Library" houses around town to allow people to exchange books for free. Plans and overview are here: 1

2:29pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? San Antonio-City Wide

By Meredith Ruiz

My idea:"ART IN THE PARK" a semi-permanent easel to fit 4 kids on one side,4 on other, with a small canopy above(sun protection)and bench, where kids can draw/paint maybe free wkend classes! Wd Lv It 0

1:59am Jun 12, 2012

Where? City Park and/or Public Spaces (Public Library, Museums)

By Georgina Lopez-Rodriguez

I think it would be excellent if someone would build portable water/snack stations around the hike and bike trails. In Austin, the Parks and Rec dept. puts out coolers of water for runners/cyclists. 0

3:25pm Jun 11, 2012

Where? The hike and bike trails around the new reaches of the San Antonio River... i.e. where Blue Star is that leads to the new paths around the river

There are quite a few bus stops without any shade. I have an idea to build inexpensive shade canopies that can easily be attached to benches or bus stop poles. 0

3:06pm Jun 10, 2012

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio - Bus Stops

By Meredith

create public parks on rooftops of downtown buildings 1

3:58pm Jun 09, 2012

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio

Elevated bike paths above city traffic 1

2:52pm Jun 09, 2012

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio

By Rob Abodeely

Take an empty lot or an existing building on the East Side to make a community space, emphasizing educational programs, music, art and gardening for at-risk youth and the elderly. 2

12:57pm Jun 08, 2012

Where? Downtown, Eastside Location, Hackberry, Dakota Area

By Kelsey Jack

A used book store or a used book swap location. 0

1:45pm Jun 06, 2012

Where? any of the abandoned buildings on S.W. Military- such as the closed Sonic Drive Inn Restaurant

By Leora Uribe

Once a month (or more), use the money to open the downtown river walk section to kayaks and canoes by closing it off to tourist barge traffic. 0

11:13pm Jun 05, 2012

Where? San Antonio River Walk Downtown

By Brian Shimek

Create a bicycle highway system all across the inner city that is used exclusively by bikes. 1

9:47pm Jun 03, 2012

Where? All of Downtown San Antoio

By Julio Garza

Have the city encourage communities to create self developed garden spaces in vacant "spaces" all around San Antonio. 0

2:38am Jun 01, 2012

Where? undeveloped spots all around San Antonio

By Mauricio Gudiño Jr.

There are long, ample medians with recent lighting added. We can reclaim these spaces for bike paths, playgrounds, half-courts exercise spots, and adding fences or natural barriers to the street. 0

12:48am Jun 01, 2012

Where? Woodstone, between I10 and Vance Jackson (possible others)

By Mishelle Camacho

Sand volleyball courts, a basketball court and outdoor-proof, weatherproof exercise equipment (chin up bars, parallel bars, sit up benches, etc). Like the medical center track before Spectrum. 1

1:29pm May 16, 2012

Where? Any abandoned green space on East, West or Southside or one in each side of town.

By Vanessa Cervantes

Casa Navarro developed into Pioneer Village. San Pedro CrkSuper Modal/ Union Pacific rail yard. Street Car ring around downtown.Blue Star/south, UTSA/ west, Pearl Brewery/north, Sunset Station/east. 0

1:17am May 16, 2012

Where? Downtown. Commerce street from Market Street to River Center Mall. Houston street from Market Square to Alamo Plaza. Main plaza. UTSA, Blue Star, Sunset Station, Pearl Brewery. Casa Navarro, O' Henry

Convert some of the smaller streets to pedestrian walkways. 0

3:49pm Apr 09, 2012

Where? all of downtown