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Create a permanent outdoor mall by blocking off streets for about a one mile stretch, similar to the 16th street mall in Denver, CO. 0

2:09am Jun 23, 2011

Where? Houston, Commerce, or Market St Corridor

By Ramiro Gonzales

Create traffic circles in key locations downtown similar to ones in major cities such and NYC's Columbus Circle at Central Park. There would be a centerpiece such as the Trevi fountain in rome. 2

7:51pm Jun 21, 2011

Where? Good location would be around hemisfair park such as corner of Alamo/Durango Alamo/E. Market, or Alamo/E. Houston

Transform the creepy area underneath Hwy 281 into a covered linear park and event space. 1

11:24am Jun 20, 2011

Where? Hays Street Bridge at Hwy 281

By Lewis McNeel

Keep people from loitering and blocking the sidewalk and store fronts. Keep the sidewalks and store fronts clean and inviting, including Rivercenter parking garage. 3

10:49pm Jun 18, 2011

Where? Near Rivercenter mall and all of downtown.

By Sandra Lomas

Reverse the course that the repaving of Houston St. has done. Open it up again to allow for more lanes rather than one in both directions. Increasing the ease of access to downtown is vital to rebirth 3

3:52pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? Houston St.

By Armando Gaytan

engage Green vegetarian restaurant the bike rental shop on the block between marshall and euclid. Salvation Army has a lg parking lot empty 0

4:48pm Jun 15, 2011

Where? N. Flores near Green Vegetarian

Need dedicated bikeways along the San Antonio River where pedestrian traffic is heavy and/or bicycles are prohibited, in order to complete the 13-mile river trek. 1

2:53pm Jun 14, 2011

Where? Particularly through downtown San Antonio and south of downtown to Southtown.

By Jim Dalglish

Develop a more pedestrian friendly parkway along Durango. Include angled parking, landscaping, and a paved path for bikers and walkers. 1

12:48pm Jun 14, 2011

Where? Along Durango between IH-35 and IH-37

By Trisha Logan