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Adapt it for use as a small "pocket park". 0

2:49pm Sep 29, 2011

Where? Vacant lot bound by North Flores, West Pecan, North Main, and West Salinas.

By Jacob Floyd

Block off Dolorosa from S Main Ave to Main Plaza. 0

10:04pm Aug 22, 2011

Where? Main Plaza

By Drew Schaffer

Connect Hays Street Bridge to Museum Reach River Walk from Austin St. to Ninth up to river with directional signs, walking/biking designated area on street w/ green spaces/landscaping. 0

9:59pm Aug 18, 2011

Where? Hays Street Bridge to Museum Reach River Walk on Ninth St.

By Barbara Garcia

easy access - make walk paths, bike paths to make it easy to get downtown. Also, create a train station dwntwn that has trains to/fro san marcos, austin, new bran etc. Make SA a hub! 1

6:49pm Aug 18, 2011

Where? All of Downtown SA

Connect museums and parks via bicycle and pedestrian paths. 0

11:07am Aug 17, 2011

Where? Museum District

By Malik SAT

Bikepaths up thru the city along the Rail lines & creekbeds (beautiful areas) out to the 1604 quarry area. They are flood zones, so it would have to be maybe Bermuda 419 drought tolerant no-mow grass. 1

11:44pm Aug 15, 2011

Where? the greenways along the railways and streambeds crossing dezavala wurzbach, dreamland, 410 and going downtown hooking up to the "Reach"

By Marilyn Taylor

is to re-route some/most of the automobile traffic to make it more accessible to bikes and pedestrian friendly. 2

3:41pm Aug 12, 2011

Where? Corner of Commerce and Alamo

By Janet Grojean

Turn it into a park, with a promenade running along the decommissioned train tracks / right of way going east toward Lone Star brewery / riverwalk 0

10:43am Aug 06, 2011

Where? Empty train yard at Nogalitos & La Chapelle

By Ben Judson

The site of the founding of San Antonio, San Pedro Creek is a diamond in the raw. I would like to see it naturalized and lightly developed as a nature/arts/historic corridor. 1

5:02pm Aug 01, 2011

Where? San Pedro Creek from San Pedro Park to the SA River

By Niki McDaniel

Narrow the streets and make them more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. Increase residential units/mixed use in the areas. 0

3:09pm Jul 28, 2011

Where? N Santa Rosa, E Martin, N Main, Soledad Streets

By malik sat

Every crossing in the downtown area should be diagonal crossing for the pedestrians... 2

5:25pm Jul 19, 2011

Where? All of downtown

By michelle san miguel

Redesign and reconstruct the major highway overpasses and intersections that surround the downtown core areas to allow traffic to flow more freely 0

8:32pm Jul 01, 2011

Where? All four major highway intersections around the downtown core areas

By Malik SAT

narrow the lanes so there is AT LEAST a couple feet on either side for people to walk across the bridge. It gets a lot of foot traffic, at least one motorized wheel chair and countless bicyclists 1

3:04pm Jun 23, 2011

Where? Bridge across San Antonio River on Roosevelt Ave S

Fix the corners. There are metal stubs sticking up, no one with any ada issues can possibly push the walk button without being in traffic. The islands are not pedestrian friendly At All 0

3:01pm Jun 23, 2011

Where? corner of S St Mary's and S Alamo