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First, praise for the curb indentation that allows quickie parking for buying tickets. We need to maximize sitting opportunities, benches and art/boxes along sidewalks all over downtown. 1

12:59pm Jul 14, 2011

Where? Houston Street around the Majestic Theater

By Judith Laufer

Lighting. Whether street lamps or street lights. This area is dark and see tourists turn back because it looks unsafe, especially by the Frost Bank park 1

12:56pm Jul 04, 2011

Where? Houston Street between Soledad and Santa Rosa

By robert gonzalez

there is a small strip of empty land there this place could be cleaned up, landscaped, a couple of tables, benches, etc. maybe even add free public wifi. 0

11:08am Jul 04, 2011

Where? pecan and travis

By robert gonzalez

Pave the highways and streets in and around downtown and other major city streets and highways using concrete and not asphalt. 0

5:11pm Jul 01, 2011

Where? all downtown streets and surrounding highways

By Malik SAT

Use the "Rolling at the Rails" connection and make Sunset Station a roller skating complex. It could eventually have a roller board park, in-line skating areas, even roller derby facilities. 1

11:41am Jul 01, 2011

Where? Sunset Station

Extend and increase the size of San Pedro Park. Turn the VIA HQ block just south of San Pedro Park into a new section of the park. 1

10:37am Jul 01, 2011

Where? Alta Vista, Five Points

By derek marc

free wifi 0

1:45pm Jun 30, 2011

Where? public areas of downtown

By Ricardo Briones

The space is currently owned by Frost Bank but it make a great dog park. 1

10:22am Jun 30, 2011

Where? Green space at corner of W Travis and Main Ave

By Ramiro Gonzales

Bottom floor, Urbanmarket. Next 4-5 floors, parking garage for Blue Star, etal. Top floor, Skate Park with terrain, half pipe and plenty of seating. 0

12:12am Jun 29, 2011

Where? Silos, south of Blue Star; currently vacant except construction equip and materials.