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Block off Dolorosa from S Main Ave to Main Plaza. 0

10:04pm Aug 22, 2011

Where? Main Plaza

By Drew Schaffer

Create more shade structures around bus stops, and possibly fans at high traffic bus stops. 1

5:23pm Aug 22, 2011

Where? Main corridors leading to downtown

By Laura Muraida

Fountains/Sprinklers especially for children and youth to play in and get wet 0

12:31am Aug 19, 2011

Where? downtown and downtown area

Connect Hays Street Bridge to Museum Reach River Walk from Austin St. to Ninth up to river with directional signs, walking/biking designated area on street w/ green spaces/landscaping. 0

9:59pm Aug 18, 2011

Where? Hays Street Bridge to Museum Reach River Walk on Ninth St.

By Barbara Garcia

easy access - make walk paths, bike paths to make it easy to get downtown. Also, create a train station dwntwn that has trains to/fro san marcos, austin, new bran etc. Make SA a hub! 1

6:49pm Aug 18, 2011

Where? All of Downtown SA

Actually they should give a place for teenagers to draw graffitti 0

9:23am Aug 18, 2011

Where? Nabarro St

Connect museums and parks via bicycle and pedestrian paths. 0

11:07am Aug 17, 2011

Where? Museum District

By Malik SAT

Bikepaths up thru the city along the Rail lines & creekbeds (beautiful areas) out to the 1604 quarry area. They are flood zones, so it would have to be maybe Bermuda 419 drought tolerant no-mow grass. 1

11:44pm Aug 15, 2011

Where? the greenways along the railways and streambeds crossing dezavala wurzbach, dreamland, 410 and going downtown hooking up to the "Reach"

By Marilyn Taylor

The Labyrinth: A public mini golf course 0

11:52am Aug 15, 2011

Where? Hemisfair Park

By Edward Rodriguez

Create a pop-up Innovation Lab, led by an experienced design strategist, in existing spaces for 1-day sessions to give the community the tools they need to make their ideas into reality. 13

7:28pm Aug 13, 2011

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio, Southtown, Museum Reach - North

By Beverly Ingle

is to re-route some/most of the automobile traffic to make it more accessible to bikes and pedestrian friendly. 2

3:41pm Aug 12, 2011

Where? Corner of Commerce and Alamo

By Janet Grojean

Turn it into a park, with a promenade running along the decommissioned train tracks / right of way going east toward Lone Star brewery / riverwalk 0

10:43am Aug 06, 2011

Where? Empty train yard at Nogalitos & La Chapelle

By Ben Judson

Make the grounds behind SAMA a public space (although privately owned) with gardens and utilize the existing plaza spaces there. Open late-hour restaurants/retail in under-utilized historic buildings. 0

2:59pm Aug 04, 2011

Where? San Antonio Museum of Art

By Aaron Richmond-Havel

Community Urban Farming Center: 1

11:15am Aug 04, 2011

Where? Downtown

By Axioma

The site of the founding of San Antonio, San Pedro Creek is a diamond in the raw. I would like to see it naturalized and lightly developed as a nature/arts/historic corridor. 1

5:02pm Aug 01, 2011

Where? San Pedro Creek from San Pedro Park to the SA River

By Niki McDaniel

build vertically 1

7:05pm Jul 28, 2011

Where? parking lot in front of the Hard Rock Cafe

By Marc Toppel