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Dog Parks. 1

2:34pm Jun 18, 2011

Where? Scattered around Downtown

By David Marotta

We need more tree cover around downtown. The riverwalk has plenty of cover but what about the rest of downtown. 0

2:32pm Jun 18, 2011

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio

By David Marotta

Re-develope Hemisphere into an actual park 0

7:41am Jun 18, 2011

Where? Hemisphere Park

By Dre Pendarvis

Offer property owners bordering highways tax incentives to plant and maintain decorative trees. Trees provide shade, cool the area, and deprive taggers of their favorite wide open canvases 0

11:54pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? Highways 35, 37, 410, Hwy 90

By Christopher Norman

Rooftop greenspaces on Rivercenter and Convention Center roofs 0

7:36pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? rivercenter convention center

By Brandon Oliver

Re introduce polo to the City of San Antonio and bring back its place in history as the birthplace of the sport of polo in America. and the cornerstone of calvary training at Fort Sam. 0

6:57pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? Brackenridge Park .. Mission soccer fields or any city park fields.

By Ursula Pari

Add amentities to Maverick Park like benches, public chess tables, a statue or fountain. Turn it into a high activity center like Hyde Park in Sydney. 1

5:37pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? Maverick Park

By Jesse Canedo

Add shade structures (umbrellas, etc.) and seating and food vendors and buskers 3

4:27pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? Convention Plaza - intersection of Commerce&Market&Alamo&Losoya

By Ben Brewer

A beach in HemisFair Park! (a la Paris Plage!) Incorporate Movies by Moonlight, vendors, beach chairs, sand and water features. 0

4:13pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? HemisFair Park

By Andi Rodriguez

Build a world-class, Riverwalk connected, Minor League baseball stadium. Cities like Memphis and Chattanooga have had great success bringing families downtown using this approach 0

2:08pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? Broadway and 281 or South of downtown

Line every single street with shade trees. 2

1:17pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? All over downtown

By Scott Martin