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Downtown SA needs a affordable quality used bookstore 4

1:56pm Jul 21, 2011

Where? A "Dollar Bookstore" Anywhere Downtown San Antonio

By Rick Melendrez

A. Trader Joe's grocery store is sooooo needed! 1

2:55pm Jul 08, 2011

Where? Southtown

Clean up old businesses by improving the look of their store fronts and adding more convenient stores that are safe to shop and that carry market priced (not over priced) grocery items and dry goods. 0

10:42am Jul 05, 2011

Where? All of Downtown

By Crystal Gomez

is to allow food vendors to provide more than just hot dogs and raspas. 0

10:26am Jul 01, 2011

Where? All of Downtown

Bottom floor, Urbanmarket. Next 4-5 floors, parking garage for Blue Star, etal. Top floor, Skate Park with terrain, half pipe and plenty of seating. 0

12:12am Jun 29, 2011

Where? Silos, south of Blue Star; currently vacant except construction equip and materials.

Add a residential space and grocery store to downtown San Antonio.This building's location is an eye sore and should be replaced with something new. 1

7:38pm Jun 28, 2011

Where? Corner of St.Marys and Martin

Annual Texas Food Truck Festival. Food trucks would line up along Commerce (Alamo to Main Plaza) , accompanied by live music and children's activities. San Antonians love a good festival! 13

12:33pm Jun 28, 2011

Where? Commerce

By Caroline Rush

Turn El Mercado into thriving public market for fair trade goods & heirloom foods of "the Americas" bring back the chili queens, but healthy. 1

6:35am Jun 27, 2011

Where? El Mercado / Market Square

By Sarah Gonzales Busse

Put in a "mini HEB" so that downtown residents can walk to get their groceries. 0

4:54pm Jun 24, 2011

Where? St. Mary's and Convent Street (Old Arthur Murray Dance Studio)

By Rose Bonny

There needs to be more downtown living that is affordable for young adults/families. Additionally, an urban grocery store. SA needs to push for adaptive re-use of abandoned building 0

11:27am Jun 22, 2011

Where? All of downtown/inner city San Antonio

By Clayton Elkins

A grocery store, for convenience & because it's become a marker for how liveable downtown really is. S. Flores' commercial corridor is a good place with good bus service. 1

11:12am Jun 22, 2011

Where? So. Flores Commercial Corridor

By Martha McCabe