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Initiate a 'anti-panhandling' campaign throughout the downtown area! Bench mark cities that have taken an active approach to obliterating pan-handling from their downtown areas. 1

2:50pm Jun 29, 2011

Where? Downtown San Antonio

Annual Texas Food Truck Festival. Food trucks would line up along Commerce (Alamo to Main Plaza) , accompanied by live music and children's activities. San Antonians love a good festival! 13

12:33pm Jun 28, 2011

Where? Commerce

By Caroline Rush

to give tax abatements to any downtown area with a yard or a rooftop soley used for community gardening. Thus, at least once a week, once the garden is pregnant, there will be a local farmers market. 0

9:35am Jun 22, 2011

Where? downtown rooftops of willing businesses

By Julian Ramiro Coronado Villarreal

Create traffic circles in key locations downtown similar to ones in major cities such and NYC's Columbus Circle at Central Park. There would be a centerpiece such as the Trevi fountain in rome. 2

7:51pm Jun 21, 2011

Where? Good location would be around hemisfair park such as corner of Alamo/Durango Alamo/E. Market, or Alamo/E. Houston

Transform the creepy area underneath Hwy 281 into a covered linear park and event space. 1

11:24am Jun 20, 2011

Where? Hays Street Bridge at Hwy 281

By Lewis McNeel

Vertical Farms for downtown. 1

8:07am Jun 19, 2011

Where? any where downtown would be nice

Create a special tax district for Houston Commerce Sts to encourage small businesses--particularly retail and restaurants--to open. Our street level needs a portion of the energy found on the river. 0

11:07am Jun 18, 2011

Where? Houston and Commerce Streets, between Alamo Plaza and the River (or perhaps even as far west as Santa Rosa)

By Augie Ray

Encourage the development of shops along east commerce Throughout the course of the last year two antique/oddity shops have opened and are doing well...this could be a draw for locals and visitors. 1

7:17pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? East Commerce...Chestnut through Hackberry

By Brandon Oliver

Bring more shops and restaurants to the downtown area. There are too many empty buildings. Have downtown streets with decor like New Braunfels, TX. More kid friendly places, utilize Hemifair Park. 0

6:23pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? Hemisfair Park, Street Decorations Year Around on Commerce

By Bryan

No more surface parking lots 0

3:50pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? All of downtown

By Number Two