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Public Art for a city full of visual artists, mosaics, etc. -- idea from Japan 1

10:25am Aug 25, 2011

Where? all of downtown

By Cathy Brillson Leonard

Block off Dolorosa from S Main Ave to Main Plaza. 0

10:04pm Aug 22, 2011

Where? Main Plaza

By Drew Schaffer

Fountains/Sprinklers especially for children and youth to play in and get wet 0

12:31am Aug 19, 2011

Where? downtown and downtown area

Connect Hays Street Bridge to Museum Reach River Walk from Austin St. to Ninth up to river with directional signs, walking/biking designated area on street w/ green spaces/landscaping. 0

9:59pm Aug 18, 2011

Where? Hays Street Bridge to Museum Reach River Walk on Ninth St.

By Barbara Garcia

easy access - make walk paths, bike paths to make it easy to get downtown. Also, create a train station dwntwn that has trains to/fro san marcos, austin, new bran etc. Make SA a hub! 1

6:49pm Aug 18, 2011

Where? All of Downtown SA

Connect museums and parks via bicycle and pedestrian paths. 0

11:07am Aug 17, 2011

Where? Museum District

By Malik SAT

is to re-route some/most of the automobile traffic to make it more accessible to bikes and pedestrian friendly. 2

3:41pm Aug 12, 2011

Where? Corner of Commerce and Alamo

By Janet Grojean

Make the grounds behind SAMA a public space (although privately owned) with gardens and utilize the existing plaza spaces there. Open late-hour restaurants/retail in under-utilized historic buildings. 0

2:59pm Aug 04, 2011

Where? San Antonio Museum of Art

By Aaron Richmond-Havel

Build the Alamo Beer Brewery 1

12:41pm Aug 03, 2011

Where? Corner of N. Cherry and Hays

By Sylvie Shurgot

Connect to Mrkt Sq=Houston St as pedestrian-only market with shops and cart vendors. Alamo Plaza pedestrian-only b/w Commerce and Houston. More paseos/programmed alleys. Improve cxns to riverwalk. 0

1:30pm Jul 31, 2011

Where? The Street Level. An afterthought to the Riverwalk, needs same attention for a successful dntwn. Nice historic bldgs and storefronts, inadequate landscape, activities, shade....

By nick

give more incentives to developers to build a high number of residential units in well designed buildings; buildings that make walking interesting. 0

12:17pm Jul 06, 2011

Where? All of DT

By Nehemiah Torres

Redesign and reconstruct the major highway overpasses and intersections that surround the downtown core areas to allow traffic to flow more freely 0

8:32pm Jul 01, 2011

Where? All four major highway intersections around the downtown core areas

By Malik SAT

The space is currently owned by Frost Bank but it make a great dog park. 1

10:22am Jun 30, 2011

Where? Green space at corner of W Travis and Main Ave

By Ramiro Gonzales