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Ask the Master Gardeners or Master Naturalists to create a demonstration garden. Hold workshops in the pavilion to teach people about economical gardening techniques. 0

5:59pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? Dellview Park- 507 Basswood

By Susan Hunnicutt

Zone this area for food trucks. 0

5:44pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? Corner of Fredericksburg and I-10, Deco-District

By Kurt Retherford

Install "Free Little Library" houses around town to allow people to exchange books for free. Plans and overview are here: 1

2:29pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? San Antonio-City Wide

By Meredith Ruiz

There is great need for a sidewalk on the S. side of Fredericksburg Rd between West and Agarita. One block has no sidewalk. This location is only a few blks for the new VIA BRT transit stop. 0

12:43pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? Fredericksburg Road between West and Agarita

By Barbara Hill

Utilize one of the already built rest areas with a pop-up cafe serving cold or hot drinks that could employ and train at-risk youth. 1

10:55am Jun 12, 2012

Where? Mission Reach river walk

By Paul Flahive

Many shops have nose-in parking and no sidewalk. We’ll use Hasher Markings to stripe all that parking to be 45 angle back-in parking. We’ll install concrete planters wheelstops with adapted plants. 0

10:52am Jun 12, 2012

Where? Along N. St Mary's or McCullough between Locust and Woodlawn, will work elsewhere too!

By Jason Winn

My idea:"ART IN THE PARK" a semi-permanent easel to fit 4 kids on one side,4 on other, with a small canopy above(sun protection)and bench, where kids can draw/paint maybe free wkend classes! Wd Lv It 0

1:59am Jun 12, 2012

Where? City Park and/or Public Spaces (Public Library, Museums)

By Georgina Lopez-Rodriguez

I would like to see this green space being used as a gathering spot for the community to watch movies on either Friday or Saturday evenings to bring back the concept of drive in movies 0

11:24pm Jun 09, 2012

Where? The green space across from Woodlawn Lake, within Woodlawn Ave, West Craig and S Josephone Tobin

By Adeltia Cantu

get rid of the parking lot and parking on Laredo. Put a public fountain that we can actually use to cool of like they did with Crown fountain in Chicago's Millennium Park 0

2:06pm Jun 09, 2012

Where? laredo and nueva across from Casa Navarro

By Rob Abodeely

Performance space and Trail head. Connect nearby neighborhoods to the Mission Reach and/or provide a destination by hosting markets or performances at the spacious Hwy90 underpass at Steves/Mission. 0

10:07pm Jun 08, 2012

Where? Highway 90 at Steves/Mission

By mike perez

3 lots on Arthur:710-small community center/optical clinic (probably above cost limit),714-Pavilion for outdoor community activities,722-raised bed garden with fruit trees, benches; covered seating. 1

6:14pm Jun 08, 2012

Where? West half of Arthur Street across from Wheatley Courts on the east side.

By Sandra Fechner

Is a community garden for residents that teaches about urban farming, how to start their own vegetable garden and eating healtier. 0

12:15am Jun 06, 2012

Where? Poteet Jourdanton Frwy and Hunter Blvd., behind Cortez library

Once a month (or more), use the money to open the downtown river walk section to kayaks and canoes by closing it off to tourist barge traffic. 0

11:13pm Jun 05, 2012

Where? San Antonio River Walk Downtown

By Brian Shimek