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This area looks nice enough-- grass and trees, but it is an unused easement, and it'd look great if they turned it into a little park/playground for the children of the neighborhood. 1

10:01am Jun 13, 2012

Where? Unused easement area, corner of Canyon Golf & Silverado Way

By Michelle Vieau

Many people walk along this area for exercise. This idea would include signage telling motorists to watch for pedestrians, and enhanced crossings at busy streets. Distance markers are also required. 0

10:00am Jun 13, 2012

Where? There is a storm drain that runs along the Dellview neighborhood, which is between West Ave. & Vance Jackson. The actual street is Wonder Parkway.

By Laura Ledesma

Set up an outdoor movie screening spot (like Slab Cinema) 0

9:54am Jun 13, 2012

Where? West End Park

Since this is a long strip of green space, I think a community garden would look nice here and can encourage partnerships with community for cooking demos and gardening lessons. 0

11:43pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? The long strip of green space on West Woodlawn Ave between Lake and West Mistletoe across from Woodlawn Lake

Pop-up Art Museums. 0

8:38pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? Downtown or other area with abandoned storefronts

By Laverne Pitts

Austin has community or co-op gardens. The spaces they have are paid for by those who use them which means they get to utilize whatever they plant. San Antonio's could be free and open to the public 0

8:34pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? Community Garden Space

By Lianna Flores

Instead of another strip mall or gated community, I suggest a Spiritual Park that represents different faiths, with walking paths, reflecting pool, meditation gardens, or a circular labyrinth. 0

8:03pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? Undeveloped land along East/West 1604 access roads between Bitters and I-10

By Cara Vento

Create a dog park in the back half of this small park. There is a large tree that could provide shade; all that would be necessary is pine mulch, fencing, and plumbing for water fountains. 0

6:46pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? Haskin Park, Northwood/Oak Park neighborhood

By Beth Graham

Dog park 0

6:45pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? Field next to Woodlawn Lake

It would make use of all the empty real estate, and big spaces going to waste. "A Place to Meet" 0

6:13pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? All empty buildings around San Antonio

By Pete Araiza

Ask the Master Gardeners or Master Naturalists to create a demonstration garden. Hold workshops in the pavilion to teach people about economical gardening techniques. 0

5:59pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? Dellview Park- 507 Basswood

By Susan Hunnicutt

Zone this area for food trucks. 0

5:44pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? Corner of Fredericksburg and I-10, Deco-District

By Kurt Retherford

Install "Free Little Library" houses around town to allow people to exchange books for free. Plans and overview are here: 1

2:29pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? San Antonio-City Wide

By Meredith Ruiz

There is great need for a sidewalk on the S. side of Fredericksburg Rd between West and Agarita. One block has no sidewalk. This location is only a few blks for the new VIA BRT transit stop. 0

12:43pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? Fredericksburg Road between West and Agarita

By Barbara Hill

Many shops have nose-in parking and no sidewalk. We’ll use Hasher Markings to stripe all that parking to be 45 angle back-in parking. We’ll install concrete planters wheelstops with adapted plants. 0

10:52am Jun 12, 2012

Where? Along N. St Mary's or McCullough between Locust and Woodlawn, will work elsewhere too!

By Jason Winn